Mensa IQ Test

Mensa IQ Test

Mensa IQ Quiz, provided by Mensa, is the most famous intelligence quotient test in the world. Mensa is an international organization with more than 145 000 members worldwide, who have successfully passed the Mensa Test. In theory, Mensa's membership can only be achieved by 2% of the population.


Mensa IQ Test

What does Mensa stand for?

Mensa is an international organization for people with the highest IQ with more than 145,000 members worldwide. Mensa doesn’t actually stand for anything – it’s a Latin word meaning “table”, and is used to indicate a round table where all members are considered equal.

Mensa IQ Test

Mensa members can only join the society by successfully passing the Mensa Test, achieving a better result than 98% of the population.

Mensa is a non-profit organization, well-known for its intelligence test questions. If you want to know about test scores with Mensa and why you need to pass the test the very first time, read our article Mensa Intelligence Test Limit.

The Mensa Test

Mensa was founded after the Second World War in 1946. The aim of the organization is to promote world peace and research irrespective of its member's ethnic background, religion or gender. [1]

Mensa's membership is one of the most desirable memberships in all over the world. How can you become a member of Mensa? By passing the Mensa test. As discussed in our article How to Prepare For Mensa Test, it is possible to practice for the Mensa test at least in a few different ways including our quick test.

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