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IQ Tests

If you are looking for IQ tests to discover how intelligent you are, Worldwide IQ Test has several options for you. Our Quick IQ Test is free and contains just 5 questions, giving you a fast answer based on your score in the test.

IQ Test

The Worldwide IQ Test is our full test and comes in two variations. Both feature 35 questions, and with the FREE version you’ll get to see your IQ range. The paid version (for the low price of just $4.99 (USD)) will include an estimate of your exact IQ score along with a PDF report. It’s worth it just to show your friends that you’ve passed an intelligence test!

Take a short break to test out our online IQ tests, each of them testing your intelligence and perception ability. After completing the online test you'll get the instant results based on the number of correct answers in the test.

IQ Test preparation

The Quick IQ Test is free and contains 5 questions with no time limit. You can try it out before moving on to the Worldwide IQ Test, which contains 35 questions and is time-limited to 24 minutes.

Please note that although the Worldwide IQ Test is our official IQ test, it is not provided by Mensa and does not give you eligibility to apply for Mensa membership based on the test results. However, it is a strong indicator as to your ability to pass the official Mensa test.

Quick IQ Test

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Quick IQ Test

Which figure logically belongs in the empty box of the grid?
  • The free test includes:
  • 5 Questions
  • No Time Limit
  • Instant results (the number of correct answers)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding online IQ tests.

No. Wrong answers to IQ test questions don't reduce your overall points, so it's better to guess than leave the answer blank. Remain calm, take a deep breath, and try to take a different approach to finding the answer again. There is a logical answer for every question.

Currently, all our tests are free to take, and you'll receive instant results right after you've finished the test. However, there is a paid option which provides more information in relation to your results. The free version will give an estimate of your IQ score range (eg normal IQ, high IQ, etc), but not the exact IQ score. The paid version will provide an estimate of your exact IQ score, along with a more detailed report of your intelligence in PDF format.

No, not based on the results that you receive. Our online test is purely indicative and will not allow you to apply for membership of the Mensa association. However, it's a pretty good indicator whether you should consider taking the official Mensa test.

Our test has been pre-calibrated before use, and from time to time we re-calibrate our test again to better match with the Gaussian curve and the actual results. Are IQ tests accurate? Yes, but note that only an official Mensa test gives you the results that can lead to a Mensa membership. Our test can be used to indicate whether you should consider taking the official Mensa test, and can also be used for entertainment purposes and bragging rights – see if you can obtain the highest IQ score among your friends.

The test ends when either of the following conditions is met: If the test time 24 minutes runs out, or all of the questions were answered. Try to stay within the given time limit when doing the test, because unanswered questions are interpreted as wrong answers.

Our Worldwide IQ Test is culture fair, and it contains only graphical figures in black or grey (no letters or numbers) to avoid cultural bias in the intelligence testing. Intelligence testing is not about counting, spelling, or comprehension ability. Avoiding colors allows people with any color vision deficiency to also measure their IQ reliably.

Answers can be changed as long as all the questions are answered. You can navigate forward and backward in questions and change your answers.

After the test, we ask some questions so we can provide you with better reports in the future. This information is stored anonymously and has no bearing on your IQ test result. You do not need to tell your name or address. We will send the test report to the email address you provide, but you are free to use an anonymous (but functional) email address to maximize your privacy.