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Take the official Worldwide IQ Test online & see if you might pass a Mensa test. This reliable, fast, and accurate IQ test gives results in under 30 minutes!

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Of course, everybody wants to know how smart they are, and your IQ score is a good indication of how you compare to others. Our unique tests are culture-fair and can be taken by anyone around the world.

You'll find that intelligence is not about being able to read well, it's not about being able to solve equations in your head, and it's not about memorizing facts. It is about being able to use your brain in the most effective way possible, solving problems, and thinking outside the box.

Our quizzes will allow you to discover your true level of intelligence and compare it to people across the globe. You can complete our quick quiz in just a few minutes, and our full exam in less than 30 minutes. Wouldn't you like to know how your intelligence compares to others?

We offer both free and paid versions of our real IQ test, which gives you the opportunity to test your intelligence as often as you like, and to explore the meaning of your results more deeply.

Are you happy with an average IQ, or do you think you sit somewhere higher on the IQ scale? The only reliable way to find out is to take one of our tests today.

Official IQ Test

Worldwide IQ Test is a simple and elegant assessment that can be completed online. It's easy to understand, fun to take, and hard to master. This is because it's a real IQ test that is designed to challenge you and give an accurate result.

IQ Test

Completing all the questions will allow you to discover your current IQ score fast. The time limit is just 24 minutes to answer all 35 questions. You may find some questions to be easy, and others to be nearly impossible – your score is based entirely on how you respond to each question.

The average score is 100, and you'll be able to find out how well you did with instant results as soon as you complete the last question. Both the free and paid versions offer the same type of questions, but there are differences in the results that are supplied.


You will be given an approximation of your score range (below or above the average) to give you an idea of where you fit on the scale.


For the low price of $6.99 (USD), you'll receive a PDF report that includes your exact score, the correct answers along with logical explanations of how to solve the puzzles, and you'll see how you compare to the rest of the world.

Please note that although the Worldwide IQ Test is our official intelligence quiz, it is not provided by Mensa. It does not give you eligibility to apply for Mensa membership based on the quiz results. However, the results are a strong indicator as to your ability to pass the official Mensa quiz.

Quick Test

The Quick Quiz contains 5 questions and is free to take. You can practice with this quiz before taking the full quiz, but the quick version is not long enough by itself to provide an accurate IQ score. However, if you do well with the Quick Quiz, you should definitely give the full quiz a try.

Test Preparation

As with many things, preparation is the key to success. A number of factors can affect your performance in an IQ test (or any other kind of exam), so make sure you stack the odds in your favor. Your body and mind perform best when you are well hydrated, have eaten something that provides fuel for your body, and you have slept well.

Being thirsty, eating junk food, and sleep deprivation are sure ways to score lower than you expected. Furthermore, taking the quiz in a quiet room when you can concentrate and not be distracted will undoubtedly help with your score.

Finally, just relax. Stress will cause you to struggle to find the right answers, so the more relaxed and calm you can be when taking it, the better.

Skill Testing in Organizations

Knowing your own personal IQ score is one thing but knowing how potential employees might respond in certain situations that require intelligence and lateral thinking can be extremely helpful for organizations.

Testing is commonly used during the recruiting process in many businesses. Intelligence and psychological testing will let a company know that every employee is suited to the task they might be employed for and knowing what someone is capable of before signing a contract can help any organization find people who fit well.

Skill testing in organizations

It doesn't just have to be during recruitment, either. Employees can be tested to see if they are suitable for a different position within the organization, to find out how they respond under pressure, or to understand if they truly are problem solvers.

The official version of our test can be used by organizations as a part of their psychological testing program or by recruitment companies to build a full profile of the people they are working with. If you are testing just a few people every month, then we're confident that you'll find our low price of $6.99 (USD) to be perfect, but if your organization needs to test 10, 100, 500, or 1000 people, we're happy to provide an even better deal for you.

We can provide a significant discount for recruitment companies who require volume pricing based on your exact needs. Get in touch with our support team today to find out what we can offer you, and how you can make sure that all your applicants obtain positions they are well-suited to.

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Discover Your Ideal Job

The world of work does not start and end with your employer or an agency knowing everything about your intelligence. The fact of the matter is that specific jobs and positions are better suited to people with particular IQ ranges, and it has been shown in studies that people within these ranges excel at certain types of jobs.

It's not as simple as having a lower intelligence quotient means manual labor, while higher intelligence quotient means you should be a scientist – it's more a matter of how comfortable you feel in a particular role based on your problem-solving ability.

Discover your ideal job

Our IQ tests will help you to find your score and understand how it can help you to get a job that will suit you in every way. You'll find that you are more fulfilled and happier when working in a position that was made for your skills and talents.

Many people simply fall into a job without much thought or planning but using your IQ score as a benchmark to find your perfect position will give you the best chance to find a rewarding job.

Challenge Your Friends and Family

Friendly competition between friends and family members is common and can manifest in many different forms. From playing board games and cards to tests of strength or races on foot, at one time or another, everyone has indulged in a friendly challenge.

Taking an IQ test is a fast and accurate way to determine who has the highest score. Instant results will give the winner instant bragging rights, and it is all down to the intelligence of the individual.

Challenge your friends and family

Intelligence is not a fixed number, and so re-running the challenge every so often is a great idea. Those involved can practice between the tests and improve their intelligence (and chances of winning) by preparing well.

Competing with your peers to discover who has the highest intelligence quotient is a great way to pass the time and will certainly cause some discussion for the people who are involved. Our full test is a great way to spend some time together and gain some beneficial information at the end of it. Just make sure not to distract each other too much, as it is never fair to cheat on an IQ test!

Is this a real IQ test?

Many people have heard of Mensa and believe that the only true IQ test is the Mensa IQ test. The Mensa quiz is indeed a difficult one to pass, but it is not the only way of measuring intelligence. Many other useful and valid IQ tests are available, and ours is the best IQ test for people who want to have their intelligence rated quickly.

Our full test gives reliable and accurate results and depending on whether you choose the free or paid version, you'll discover your IQ range or your exact score – just as you would with Mensa.

The difference between our questions and those supplied by Mensa is what you can gain at the end. The Mensa quiz is essentially an entrance exam for a club, and you can only join the club if you pass the test. Passing indicates you have one of the highest IQs in the world.

Our test will give you the same information but doesn't make you eligible to join any club or society. If you want to join Mensa, take the Mensa test. However, if you want to know if you could stand a chance of passing the Mensa exam, take our quiz to see how well you can do!

What is IQ?

The term is an abbreviation of Intelligence Quotient and provides an indication of how intelligent a person is. Intelligence is not the same as doing well in school and is not reflected in your ability to read or count.

The scores are normalized, which means that everyone who is "average" – is as intelligent as they are expected to be – scores 100. If you are less intelligent, you score lower, and if you are more creative, you score higher.

When you reach a score of 140 and above, you are considered to be at a genius level. Originally the score was based on your current age and expectations, so if your intelligence remains exactly the same year after year, your intelligence quotient may drop - what is expected of you at 16 would be less than what is expected of you at 30 years of age, so a 30-year-old with the aptitude of a 16-year-old would have a lower IQ.

Modern testing puts less focus on age and a greater emphasis on ability.

For more information, please read our What is Intelligence? and Definition of Intelligence Quotient articles.

Taking an IQ Test

If for nothing else, everyone should investigate their abilities to increase their own self-awareness and begin to understand where their strengths lie. You might worry that you'll reveal a low score, but that doesn't make you any less valuable as a person – you most likely have strengths other than pure intellect.

Similarly, you might worry that you get a high score. This doesn't mean anything has to change, but it's good to know what you are capable of. It might even inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

Whatever you are expecting or hoping for, always remember to prepare well by taking care of your physical needs (get some sleep, eat well, keep hydrated), and make sure you can focus while taking the quiz.

Our examination is accurate, reliable, and simple to understand. There are no hoops to jump through to get started, and you'll find out if you're a candidate for Mensa by completing the quiz.

Answering the questions is simple. Begin the exam and choose the correct answer from several options. But remember, the clock is running, so don't waste time! When you've finished, simply confirm your age, gender, and a few more details, and your final score will be calculated.

With our free assessment, you'll gain insight into an approximation of your rating, and with our paid version, you'll see your exact score – plus, you'll get a lot more information, and all the answers explained.

Why our questions are Culture-fair

Everyone grows up in a different environment and has different abilities, but this does not correlate directly to intelligence. The ancient Egyptians figured out how to move tons of rock and build great monuments in the desert without electrical machinery or trucks to haul heavy objects with. Still, they probably couldn't figure out how to make a call on a modern cell phone. A bird can build a nest from twigs and keep itself safe from danger but can't read a book. Who is the most intelligent?

In scientific studies, horses and ravens have been shown to have an ability to count, but horses can't build houses, and humans can't fly as a raven can. Does that mean one is more intelligent than the other? No!

Our culture-fair exam does not base the results on your ability to count, read, or anything else. This means that the comparison group is the whole world, making this the most comprehensive comparison available.

Are the Results Reliable?

We make sure that the results are reliable to provide the best service for everyone who wants to know their true score. The questions were designed by an experienced medical doctor to provide a full and balanced measurement of an individual's intelligence.

We regularly review and update the questions to make sure that it remains accurate. Re-calibration is performed whenever necessary, so you can always be sure of a fair and accurate score.

The Normal distribution

Intelligence Quotient scores are distributed normally and can be represented by a Gaussian curve (sometimes known as a bell curve). In simple terms, this means that the majority of people are within two standard deviations of average in either direction. As the standard deviation for the distribution of scores is 15, this means that 95% of all scores are between 70 and 130.

Gaussian curve and IQ Test

There are outliers in both directions – those who clinically suffer from forms of mental retardation and those who may be considered geniuses.

Learn how to Improve Intelligence

You can improve your intelligence in a few simple ways. Your ability to think is affected by your physical wellbeing, and a primary concern is to get good sleep and stay hydrated.

Your diet can affect both your mood and your ability to process information. Superfoods such as blueberries, green tea, and certain fats and spices can boost your memory and intelligence – for more information, please read our How To Prepare for Mensa Test and How to Improve Memory Naturally articles.

You can also improve your intelligence by "exercising" your brain. Taking practice tests is one way to boost your intelligence, as is using apps such as Lumosity and playing games that use different parts of your brain simultaneously – see our How to Improve your IQ Test Score article for more information.

Are you prepared to join Mensa?

Mensa is an international society for people with high intelligence. To join, you need to complete an extremely taxing intelligence quiz that only a small proportion of the population is capable of passing. There are several things you can do to prepare your body and mind to take the quiz – so do you think you have what it takes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding online intelligence tests.

No. Wrong answers to intelligence assessment questions don't reduce your overall points, so it's better to guess than leave the answer blank. Remain calm, take a deep breath, and try to take a different approach to finding the answer again. There is a logical answer for every question.

Currently, all our exams are free to take, and you'll receive instant results right after you've finished the quiz. However, there is a paid option that provides more information about your results. The free version will give an estimate of your IQ score range (e.g., below or above the average), but not the exact score. The paid version will provide an estimate of your exact score, along with a more detailed report of your intelligence in PDF format.

No, not based on the results that you receive. Our online quiz is purely indicative and will not allow you to apply for membership of the Mensa association. However, it's a pretty good indicator of whether you should consider taking the official Mensa quiz.

Our quiz has been pre-calibrated before use, and from time to time, we re-calibrate our quiz again to better match with the Gaussian curve and the actual results. Are online tests accurate? Yes, but note that only an official Mensa quiz gives you the results that can lead to a Mensa membership. Our quiz can be used to indicate whether you should consider taking the official Mensa quiz, and can also be used for entertainment purposes and bragging rights – see if you can obtain the highest score among your friends.

The quiz ends when either of the following conditions is met: If the time limit of 24 minutes runs out, or all of the questions were answered. Try to stay within the given time limit when doing the quiz, because unanswered questions are interpreted as wrong answers.

Our questions are culture fair, and only contain graphical figures in black or grey (no letters or numbers) to avoid cultural bias in the intelligence testing. Intelligence testing is not about counting, spelling, or comprehension ability. Avoiding colors allows people with any color vision deficiency also to measure their intelligence quotient reliably.

Answers can be changed as long as all the questions are answered. You can navigate forward and backward in questions and change your answers.

After the quiz, we ask some questions so we can provide you with better reports in the future. This information is stored anonymously and has no bearing on your intelligence test result. You do not need to tell us your name or address. We will send the test report to the email address you provide, but you are free to use an anonymous (but functional) email address to maximize your privacy.