IQ Test Online

Our IQ test online measures your cognitive abilities and delivers a score that measures your fluid intelligence, intellectual ability, and intellectual potential. It's not a memory test, but rather a measurement of your reasoning and logical ability.

IQ Test Online

Tests like this have been used for many years to measure intelligence. Today, there are many different intelligence tests you can try that all measure different aspects of your brainpower, but the Intelligent Quotient remains one of the most popular and commonly used metrics.

One of the main advantages of online testing is that it is convenient and easy to do. You can take the quiz in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.

Another benefit of taking a reputable online intelligence test is that you can get instant results. Once you have completed the questions, your score will be calculated immediately, and you will be able to see how you compare to the general population.

The Worldwide IQ Test, our official intelligence test, is free from cultural bias, which makes it fair and accurate. Intelligence tests should allow the test taker to see if they have a greater than average IQ score without worrying about what language they speak, their background, or their culture.

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How to Boost Your Score

If you want to improve your IQ level, there are a number of things you can do. One of the best ways to increase your IQ is to take an assessment and use the results to identify your areas of weakness.

Once you know which areas you need to work on, you can focus on improving those specific skills. IQ test prep is just as important as taking the quiz itself.

We also offer a range of articles to help you maximize your intelligence quotient, perfect for improving performance with an online test.

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Take the Worldwide IQ Test Online

Our IQ test online allows you to see your score and determine if you are ready to join a high IQ society - it's just like a practice test for Mensa. As a standardized test, any skill you possess is unimportant for this IQ exam - every person will need to rely on their cognitive abilities to get the result they deserve.

Using logical reasoning, our official IQ test online provides instant results. This free online IQ test is the basic level of IQ testing and you'll need to consider every question. You'll see your score as soon as you finish, and you'll begin to understand your intellectual ability.

If you want complete results from our genius test, for just $11.99 (USD), we will also provide an accurate IQ score with an in-depth peer group analysis. Every test taker in every country has the results of their IQ test online stored in our database which provides us with an average score for locations around the world. Can you beat the highest score in your own country? What about a country on the opposite side of the planet? Would you be able to complete the Mensa entry exam?

Your cognitive ability will be revealed in a full PDF report that highlights your strengths. Take our official IQ test to see how your cognitive performance and reasoning abilities compare right now. Understanding your cognitive abilities could change your life.

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Worldwide IQ Test

Test your intelligence at

Worldwide IQ Test offers a range of articles to help you understand more about the IQ test online and intelligence, including how to determine if you have a normal IQ.

Read more about intelligence and our unique methods for improving your IQ and cognitive performance that are based on real scientific evidence.

IQ vs Knowledge

IQ tests are designed to measure your general intelligence. This includes your ability to reason, solve problems and remember information.

Knowledge, on the other hand, is specific information that you have learned. It is not a measure of your intelligence.

Other tests measure learned skills - for example, differential ability scales require correct spelling, while tests designed by Alfred Binet can rely solely on speed. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale includes a measurement of vocabulary, which is not always representative of IQ level.

While IQ is important, it is not the only thing that determines success in life. Hard work, determination and perseverance are also key. An IQ test online can give you a general idea of your intellectual abilities, but it should not be used as the sole determining factor in making important life decisions.

However, understanding your strengths and weaknesses can be crucial to your success. IQ testing can help you to identify these areas so you can focus on developing the skills that you need to succeed.

Our international IQ test online is a real intelligence test and will give you the person being tested a result that shows how likely they are to get into a high IQ society. Your mental age, physical age, or proficiency in any particular skill will not be relevant to the result - the only things that matter are your intellectual ability and fluid intelligence.

Take an IQ test online to find out your score!

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