Free IQ Test with instant results

Free IQ Test

Free IQ Test with instant results. Test how smart you are in just a few minutes with our Quick Test. Why is our test free? So that you can test your intelligence reliably and accurately before taking the real Mensa test.


Free IQ Test why is our test free?

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Humans love to know things about themselves, including mundane things like their height and weight, but also how their body works, and how their mind performs. One of the most well-known ratings of performance is the free intelligence quotient test.

We have two sets of questions for you to answer on our site, enabling you to discover if you are a thinker and have a great memory and problem-solving skills. An indication of your intelligence score will be given at the end of the tests.

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The Quick Test

This quiz only contains 5 problems and has no time limit. When you have completed the test, you’ll see how many answers you got correct. We won’t be able to give a true estimate of your IQ from this quiz as it is far too short to fully evaluate you, but if you got 5 out of 5, we’re confident that your mind is working well.

Free IQ Test with instant results

An example: Which figure will logically fill the empty box in the grid?

Take the quiz to see how many correct answers you'll get out of 5.

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The Official Test

This is the real quiz that Mensa candidates should take. With a 24-minute time-limit, you’ll need to logically solve 35 exercises. Each question is presented as a series of images in a grid with the last box left empty. You get to choose the logical last image from a choice of 6.

With no words, colors, or numbers to contend with, our test is unbiased and can be used cross-culturally. It’s fair and accurate, and although not directly approved by Mensa, a great score is a strong indication that you should take the full Mensa test.

About Free Online IQ Test

An example: Which figure will logically fill the empty box in the grid?

With the test validation fee of just $11.99 (USD), you’ll get a test report about your intelligence (in PDF format) and an estimate of your exact IQ score! Try it out right now to see how well you score compared to the rest of the world.

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