IQ Test and Intelligence

IQ Test And Intelligence

Our tests are unbiased and anonymous making them possibly the fairest intelligence quotient test on the internet.


IQ Test And Intelligence

Discovering your IQ test score through a reliable and accurate online intelligence test can help to shape your life and career at work, or just be a fun undertaking to show off to your friends. Whatever your motivation, our tests will show you whether you might be able to join Mensa, and you’ll discover what true intelligence is.

An IQ test and intelligence scores will show if you have a normal IQ, but if you are one of the more intelligent people with the highest IQ score possible, you’ll be able to find out quickly from any of our tests.

About Free Online IQ Test
Which figure will logically fill the empty box in the grid?

Free Online Test

We offer two tests currently on this website. A 5-question quick test will give you an idea of your intelligence, but our main test has 35 exercises to complete.

With a time-limit of 24 minutes, you must choose the most logical answer to fill the last box in a set from 6 different options. To avoid bias, there are no words or numbers, and the boxes are filled with black or gray designs.

If you aren’t happy with your answers, you can go back and change them, but remember you must beat the clock! If you don’t answer a question, it will automatically be marked as incorrect, so complete every exercise you can.

Our free test won’t tell you your IQ score, but will indicate the range that you fall in to.

Our premium Online Test

At the value-for-money price of just $11.99 (USD), we’ll send you a PDF report informing you of your exact IQ score achieved in the intelligence test, along with an in-depth peer group analysis.

The test will measure both fluid intelligence (tested mainly by logical reasoning and processing speed) and crystallized intelligence. Although the test can be taken at any age, the test is only valid and has been reliability tested for people 16-years-old and above.

If you can get into the 98th percentile on the IQ bell curve you’d be considered intelligent enough to become a candidate for Mensa.

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